Plan & Pricing

Q.How can Nitonet help me?

Nitonet services provide low rates international calling capabilities even to hard to reach places around the globe. Not only can you call friends and families from around the globe, they can also reach you too!

Q.So, I signed up, what do I expect?

On sign-up Nitonet gives you up to 10mins free to reach out and let your family and friends know how to reach you. Simply dial as you would on any phone using our NitoPhone App and place your call. We are confident you will enjoy our services.

To continue to enjoy our low rates international service, simply top-up your NitoBoost Credit under 'My Account' when you log on our website.

Q.What exactly do you mean you connect me for the cost of a 'local call'?

This means when you want to call someone overseas, instead of charging you an international toll call charge, we will only charge you the same as if you were calling another local number. The cost of your local call is what your telco provider charges you. Note that calling from a landline or calling from a mobile will incur different rates from the UK to Germany, which is cheaper than from New Zealand to Germany.

Q.I don't normally pay for my local calls as they are part of my free national minutes package. Will my calls to a Nitonet Local Long Distance number still be charged?

No, they won't. If you have national calling covered, then calling a Nitonet Local Long Distance number in the same country accrues no extra charges.

Q.I have signed up to Nitonet and chosen my service country (the one I want to call). What is the cost for me to call and message someone in this country?

Once you have purchased your package e.g. Silver in Australia for $15 all calls and messages are included in your package price. Once you use up your call and message allowances you can simply renew your package. The only cost will be your local data charge (data charge is essentially free if using Wi-Fi).

Q.I am a Nitonet customer, what is the cost to call and message someone who is also a Nitonet customer?

Absolutely nothing! You can call and message each other as much as you like until your package allowances run out. Then you simply renew your package and carry on.

Q.I am a Nitonet customer, what is the cost to call and message someone who is NOT a Nitonet customer?

When you sign up to Nitonet you choose the Nitonet Service Countries that you wish to message and these are covered by your package price. Nitonet will route your call through the least cost point of presence. For example, if you placed a call from New Zealand to Germany, and you have not subscribed to service in Germany, Nitonet will route your call through our nearest point of presence from the UK. This will only cost you local call rates from the UK to Germany, which is cheaper than from New Zealand to Germany.

Q.I am NOT a Nitonet customer, what is the cost to call and message someone who is a Nitonet customer?

If the person you are calling has signed up to the Nitonet Service Country you are in, it will only cost you the same as your local call because you will be calling their Local long Distance number. If the Nitonet customer you are calling has not signed up to your particular country then you will be calling outside of our service offerings and will be charged your Telco provider's standard international rates.

Q.Do my calling and messaging allowances expire?

Your call and message allowances will never expire as long as you refresh your package within 3 months of your last renewal or first purchase. If you don't purchase a renewal package within 3 months your account will be closed and Local Long Distance number will go back into our number pool for someone else.


Q.Where can I find the NitoPhone App?

Download the links directly from our Downloads page.
Our NitoPhone App is also available for download from the:

  • Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad and MAC OS.
  • The Google Play Store for Android devices.
  • BlackBerry World for your BlackBerry phone.

Q.How do I install my NitoPhone App?

Installation of our NitoPhone App is easy, once you've finished the download, please follow all on screen instructions.

Q.I've changed my phone, what should I do?

If you have changed your device, please log in to your account and RESET DEVICES from your account before you re-install on the new one.

Q.Can I install one Nitonet account on several devices?

Yes, you can. When you sign up, you get free installation to one device. Any subsequent installations on extra devices from your account will attract an extra fee.

Account Settings

Q.Why can't I register on NitoPhone?

You need to be Mobile Number verified before you can use our NitoPhone App. Basic Registration enables you to enjoy our cheap international calling using your NitoBoost Credit or through our Virtual Calling Card (VCC) service.

You use the NitoBoost Credit on calls using our NitoPhone App. With the VCC, you can use any phone to make international calls at our low international calling rates

Q.Can I create my own username?

Yes, provided this is not already in use by another subscriber and it meets our requirements for minimum number of characters.

Q.I cannot remember my log in details, what do I do?

To recover your log in details, you'll need to remember the email used at the time of registering or simply call *01 on your NitoPhone if you are still logged on.

Q.How do I contact customer support?

Please use Contact Us link on our website.

Q.What is my NitoNumber?

Your 14 digit Account NitoNumber will have been supplied to you at the time of sign up. This number must be supplied if you contact us and may be used to make and receive calls and message anywhere in the world. If you have forgotten this please log into your account using your registered userid.


Q.How much does it cost to use your services?

Please refer to the package prices on our website. Visit our Prices page.

Q.How can I pay for your services?

Currently the only method of payment we accept on our website is credit card. We will be adding more options in due course. All credit card transactions are processed through certified secure card processing partners - payment gateways.

Q.How can I check my account balance and purchase history?

You can view your balance and purchase history in your account. To view your account, simply sign in to your account with your internet browser.

Privacy & Security

Q.My account has been suspended what do I do?

Your account can be suspended for various reasons, please contact customer support to get your account unlocked or for further instructions.

Q.How do I manage my privacy settings?

Please log onto your account to change any settings.

Q.Can I block unwanted numbers from calling me?

Yes, please subscribe to our VPP Service.

Q.Are my personal details secure?

Yes, customer privacy is very important to us. Nitonet does not share your details with anyone without your consent or where requested and warranted by law.

Connection issues

Q.I have installed the Nitonet App but cannot seem to be able to make or receive calls?

Please verify you're connected to the internet. Connection to our service is available via the following avenues: Wi-Fi / ADSL / Broadband / UFB / GSM 3G, 4G & LTE.


Q.What do I do when my phone is lost or stolen?

If you have lost your device, please log into your account and RESET DEVICES from your account. Once you have replaced it, you can reinstall your NitoPhone App at no extra cost.

Q.How can I invite friends to join Nitonet?

You can send them an invitation via our Tell a Friend feature.

Q.Does Nitonet contain adverts?

The NitoPhone App will never annoy you with adverts.

Q.Do you a Service Guide?

Yes, please refer to Read the complete Service Guide

Q.Do you have a NitoPhone User Guide?

Yes, please refer to Read the complete Phone Guide