The Nitonet Vision

We believe in the democratisation of quality telecommunication services across the globe. Anyone and everyone around the world should have access to clear economic calls, whether they live in a large city or in remote, rural areas. We also believe as humans, we should preserve the right and privilege to engage in lawful interaction and relate to fellow human beings regardless of lateral distance apart.

The Nitonet Team

Gabriel Akindeju (NZ)
Founder & Chairman Nitonet Communications Group
CEO Nitonet International
Seun Kehinde (NZ)
Data Architect
Aashmita Naikar (AU)
Risks & Assurance

Do you want multiple numbers from different cities and countries on the same phone?

Wouldn't that be amazing? For example - You could have your home land line, your cell phone number and you could even have an Australian land line all calling in and answerable on your one single device. You have to admit that would be sensational! Imagine the possibilities.

With NitoPhone you can have this. Virtual multiple sim cards on the same phone, multiple numbers all dialling into your one phone or device. (Devices include: Mac, Windows PC, IPad, Android, IPhone and even Blackberry). Read more

Are you a small business?

  • Are you a small New Zealand business wanting a presence in Australia without actually having to be there?
  • Do you export to Australia? Do you need a number there but don't have an office?
  • Would you like to get more local inquiries from across the ditch?
  • What if you could have a Sydney local landline number that rang through to your New Zealand smartphone?
  • What if when you called Australia from NZ (or anywhere else in the world) your number displayed as a local Australian number?
  • What if when you arrived in Sydney your smartphone could make local calls without roaming charges as if you were a local Australian? Would that help grow your business?
  • If you answered 'YES' to any of the above, then you might want to look at Nitonet Global Communications. Read more

The real story behind Nitonet, from our Founder, Gabriel Akindeju

The world, as we know it, continues to be shaped by the large-scale migration of humans. Global demographics reveal the flow of mobile workers and migrants, and this continues to have a tremendous impact on how we live and communicate. Most of the world's mobile and migrant populations have personal stories to tell just like myself.

I grew up in the South Western part of Nigeria, and although I enjoyed family and work life in Africa, but I had to leave and unfortunately, I have not been back since. The past 12 years have been full of enriching work and travel opportunities, and I am now happy to call New Zealand home.

Like many migrants, I am from a close-knit family where communication is very important. Being my family's oldest son, as per African culture, I was expected to lead conversations and major decision-making processes. However, due to the high cost of international communications and consistently poor call quality, it became impossible to keep up with familial developments and consequently; relationships would break down.

Over the years, we have tried all the well-known communication alternatives that inevitably failed due to infrastructure and Internet connectivity constraint back home in Nigeria. By 2010, I decided that if I couldn't find a successful solution, I would have to create one. And so the Nitonet journey began. Read more

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